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Any Fair Number - 2020

The third album from Tugalo Holler is a giant leap forward and the first National release from the group. From songwriting to recording, mixing, and production, the band produced this entire album in-house. Thanks to Horse Face Music and Studio, the band was able to shape the sound of the album and the uninhibited level of creative design shines from this project.

This album showcases a wide variety of tunes from hard-hitting traditional bluegrass to more progressive bluegrass-gospel, and even an a cappella tune as a true reflection of the song diversity during a live Tugalo Holler performance.

We would like to say a special "Thanks!" to all our fans who waited so patiently while we created this project and for the amazing feedback folks have given us on the album. Also a VERY special thanks goes out to Mr. Dylan Armour who laid down the amazing resophonic guitar work for "Poor Lost Child's Lament"! Also, we have to thank the talented Mr. Andy Heck for developing the amazing graphics for this CD. Make sure to look him up if you need top of the line graphics work done!

We hope you enjoy "Any Fair Number"!

"To be creative and authentic in music, any artist must craft the songs, then bring them to life from the ground up. Tugalo Holler has done that with their new album "Any Fair Number". Congratulations guys!"
​               - Shawn Lane (Blue Highway)
"Tugalo Holler's first national release features a solid mix of traditional and contemporary melodies that really complement the singing...if you're looking for some new music I really think you'll like it!
​               - Shannon Slaughter
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Stoney Lonesome - 2009

Tugalo Holler's sophomore release, "Stoney Lonesome" is filled with musical twists and turns as well as straight-ahead, hard driving bluegrass. The lineup of tunes is completely filled out with band member compositions for the group's first all-original album. 


Thoughtful gospel tunes such as "Given the Choice", which talks about the conscious decision that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ made to save the human race rather than relieve his own suffering on the cross, are complimented with traditional themes such as "Hammer Number 9", a toe-tapping, punchy lament from a prisoner's perspective as he struggles with the daily grind of busting rock in the prison yard.


Tugalo Holler is proud to present Stoney Lonesome for your listening enjoyment!

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