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  • L. C. Branch

“These folks bring a great performance of pure music, outside of genre."

"Listen local. You know that's my thing. Last night, I got to do just that with one of my favorite bands, Tugalo Holler. It was my first time hearing their new lineup (it's not new to them, it's just been a minute since I've heard them play). I was absolutely blown away by the cohesive musicianship on that stage.

There is no better bluegrass vocalist for my money than Stephen Hudson. Haunting, yet inviting, and sincere. His playing is tasteful and placed so skillfully in the song. Jessica Hudson offers the sweet songbird sounds with her delicate southern charm. The intricate rhythm and progressive movement of Michael Hill on the banjo is always ear-catching. The upright work of Michael "Porkchop" Branch holds the music together and he ventures outside of traditional "doghouse" sound in a way that keeps you wondering what's coming next. Dennis James keeps the mandolin barking beautifully in time, while somehow managing to do double-duty as soundman. The surprise of the night was Bradley Webb (the "new" member, for me). I was more than amazed at what he brings to the band. His strong, driving rhythm and top-notch lead playing moved in its own direction, with a nod to the great pickers that have come before.

Again, the way that they move as a unit is rare among local bluegrass music. These folks bring a great performance of pure music, outside of genre. I am honored to know them, get to jam with them on occasion, and just sit back and listen..." - L. C. Branch

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