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A Good Time Was Had By All

Since we last checked in with you, Tugalo Holler has been busy performing at a variety of events.: A fish fry, Family Fun Day, church service (Salem 1st Baptist), and an 86th birthday party. For those of you that are worried that we didn't get our nourishment during our travels, think again. In addition to the aforementioned fish fry, we also sampled a wonderful BBQ smorgasbord (pulled pork, brisket, smoked sausage & smoked BBQ chicken) and, of course, birthday cake. However, we feel certain that we burned off all those calories by pickin' & grinnin'. Plus, as you all know, birthday cake for an 86 year-old young lady has no calories.

We want to give special thanks to Thrift Development and Tri-County Ace Hardware for making Tugalo Holler a part of their Annual Family Fun Day. This year they added a raffle to the festivities which raised over $200 benefiting the American Cancer Society. Congratulations on raising the money for such a worthy cause. We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the event, and we look forward to being with you again in the future.

Don't forget that Tugalo Holler will be returning to where it all started for us back in 2001, Gap Hill Baptist Church in Six Mile, SC. That is where we played our first event, and we always look forward to going back there for their homecoming services. We will play a few songs before the sermon. After the homecoming meal, we will play again. We hope you can join us.

Well, that is all for now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled social media posts and surfing the web.

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